The future has arrived!

Dubai - the future has arrived! Such associations occur with this amazing in its “urban” the beauty and dynamics of place on Earth.

Dubai - the city of the future Dubai (eng. Dubai is the largest city in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), the administrative center of Dubai. The name of the Emirate is translated from Arabic as “the locust, valuewas of maggots”. Dubai is home to around 1321,4 thousand people (2006).

Today, Dubai is the largest commercial, financial and tourist center of the Middle East. The pace of development of the city is comparable to Shanghai (China). Dubai is the third largest re-export centre in the world, after Hong Kong and Singapore.
In recent years, Dubai has seen a construction boom. This is evidenced by one mnogogolose fact: in the space between Abu Dhabi (the capital of the United Arab Emirates and the Emirate of Abu Dhabi) and Dubai fifth part of all tower cranes in the world.

Astrometrically in Dubai

here is a brief description of the two projects Al Nakheel Properties, owned by the Dubai authorities.

Project ”Islands of Palm trees”

”Islands of Palm trees” is a complex of artificial Islands (The Palm) in the Persian Gulf (United Arab Emirates), forming a giant palm tree. Astrometrically project ”Islands of Palm trees” is in full swing. On the Islands predpolagaetsya the construction of villas, luxury apartments, hotels, shopping centers, places of recreation and entertainment, including the first in the middle East aquarium, Grand SPA resort include a water Park.

Artificial Islands in the Persian Gulf, Jumeirah (Jumeirah), Jebel Ali and Deira, which are included in the project ”Islands of Palm trees”, has received the status of the largest in the world. ”the Island of Palm trees” often called the Eighth wonder of the world.

Project ”the World”

The World (archipelago) is 300 artificial Islands in the Persian Gulf, simulating a map of the world. The project is striking in its scale and grandeur. Luxury and scale - defining words of the Dubai project “The World” (”the World”).

Each island bears the name of the actual country or city (France, Moscow and so on). The Islands is a 9 km long and 7 km wide. The area of the Islands varies from 14 to 40 thousand square meters of The World is located 4 kilometres from the coast of Dubai.

According to the plans of the island will be divided into commercial and private. Private Islands will be located in the most luxurious homes on the planet. Buy an island in the “The World” not everyone: the company-developer Al Nakheel Properties itself sends out invitations (50 per year) rich elite.

the project was Officially presented in 2003, and its completion is scheduled for 2008. At the same time the island and will be transferred to the buyers.

In contrast to the ”the Island of Palm trees”, “the World” will not have a message with the land in the form of a bridge: they can get is only by water or air.

Total Al Nakheel Properties, plans to build four of the archipelago. We are now building two of the archipelago, called the Palm Islands, and the third The World.

Dubai! That says it all…